How you can use SimilarWeb to Gain Insight of Competitor Strategies

Oct 17, 2018

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SimilarWeb is a online competitive tool which helps Companies to get its customers insights into their own as well as competitor’s website traffic volume, referral sources, including keyword analysis and provide you data from each competitor’s traffic share. Following these steps will help you gain insight of features of similar web. These are methods by you can win over Competitor.


Analyse website



Through Website analysis from main menu bar you can build your competitor analysis. From here you can easily analyse upto 4 competitor domains. Therefore By Website analysis you can track your audience by keeping an eye on total visit , traffic share and Visits over time.


Benchmark the competition


You can use SimilarWeb to see how each website stacks up against one another on a global, local or category level. By Reviewing Total Visits you can check the market share and the potential market reach of your competitors.



SimilarWeb |Ignite Media Solution

You can track your competitor market share geographically. From above Image you can see which country give more traffic to which domain. Competitor analysis become Quite easy with SimilarWeb.




Understand the quality and relevancy of visitors


SimilarWeb | Ignite Media Solution

Similarweb can help Benchmark the quality and relevancy of visitors to each competitor by evaluating their Visit Duration, Pages/Visit and Bounce Rate.  



Examine the Market presence


similarWeb | Ignite Media SolutionWith the use of similarWeb you can easily  determine which markets your competitors are targeting by looking at the top 5 traffic gaining countries and Meanwhile you can also check which competitor is the most influencing.


                                                                                                                                                 Updated brand’s marketing strategy over time


SimilarWeb | Ignite Media Solution


SimilarWeb help to Gain an overview of a brand’s marketing strategy over time. It can help you to target the top keywords at which your competitor gain traffic.


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